Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is Student African American Brotherhood!

Dr. Bledsoe, creator of SAAB speaks at Ohio University

The following text as well as the above photograph comes directly from the "about us" section of the national website:

For a number of years crime statistics have revealed that a disproportionate number of Black men were using illicit drugs, committing other crimes and contributing to teen-age pregnancy. Just as alarming, one out of every four Black men aged 20 to 29 is either in prison, on probation, or on parole. More Black men of this age group are in prison than there are in college and the armed services combined. Many young men choose crime and irresponsibility because they feel that no one cares about them and that they have nothing to lose. One can understand that with such feelings, stealing, using illicit drugs-- or even murder--could be an "easy" alternative.
How should we respond to this critical situation? One response would be to shake our heads and place the blame upon our institutions and systems. Another would be to take positive steps by giving of our time and talent o demonstrate that there are alternatives to the path too many Black men take. Indeed, it is up to us to carry the shield to overcome obstacles to a brighter side of life. We can offer our younger generation food to think, act, and prepare for a better future than those who choose a collision course with doom.

S.A.A.B. has accepted the demanding challenge by involving enrolled Black males at more than 20 colleges/universities to include North Carolina Wesleyan College, North Carolina Central University, Georgia Southwestern State University, University of Texas-Austin and Ohio University to name a few. The organization plans to have more than 40 chapters by the end of spring 2001.

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